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Giovanni Santa Ana is a fantastic realtor! His knowledge and expertise exceeded our expectations. He was very efficient and thorough and helped get us to closing very quickly. It was wonderful to work with someone who really did have our best interests at all times throughout the process. It was apleasure doing business with Giovanni and we highly recommend him to those who are interested in buying or selling real estate!

- mboggs8507

After several avenues of disappointment due to the high cost of property in the state of Virginia, we both decided to venture into the state of Maryland which allowed us more property options for a lesser cost. The Virginia realtor introduced us to Mr. Giovanni Santa Ana because of his expertise inMaryland properties. A distinguished, well dressed and well-spoken gentleman that helped us through the whole process. Mr. Giovanni Santa Ana showed us several properties that fit our lifestyle. He would come out day or night and always answered when we had questions or concerns. He really listened to what type of home we wanted. He showed interest, and cared about the needs of my wife and me. He showed great patience because my wife is forever changing her mind but he always arrived with a smile and administered professionalism. My wife wanted a property that looked good on the outside but was not a good on the inside. Mr. Giovanni Santa Ana Santa Ana carefully explained why that home would not be a good investment although it would have been a profitable sale for him. We both were glad to know that he cared and that he wanted us to be happy customers. After several properties showings, we finally narrowed it downed to one choice during the winter months. Mr. Giovanni Santa Ana assisted with some minor repairs so the house could pass inspection free of charge. His expertise in realty was very impressive and we closed on a beautiful home that came with built in equity. I would recommend him to anyone who is buying their first home or several properties. Let’s just say Mr. Giovanni Santa Ana and his business associates are a One Stop Shop that knows the real estate industry and we are extremely satisfied homeowners. Thank You So Much Giovanni!!!! Patrick & Nancy Avent

- nancyavent725

Helped us in a very despearate situation as we were very underwater in our property. The short sale process was scary but Giovanni helped keep us calm and assured us he had everything under control. Our home sold within 6 months and the short sale was completed without incident. We are out of debtand happier than we could have ever imagined. We are forever grateful!!!

- jsfrias27
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